Moving To Philadelphia

Musical performance artist Cynthia Hopkins is moving to Philadelphia, accompanied by her husband and her three cats. This is the story of their journey.
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Moving To Philadelphia


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Sep 27, 2016

On display are an externalization of the internal experience of tinnitus (and other examples of the amazing elasticity of the body and mind), two of the most interesting museums in Philadelphia (the Mutter and the Barnes), live judgement of dog clothing at a former burlesque house (as well as a dispute about the proper way to ride a triceratops), and squirrel-infested attics.

Sep 20, 2016

Cynthia sings praises to all the artists who’ve ever inspired her to be an artist, especially Jerome Bel, whose show Gala - which Cynthia saw last week at the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival - she attempts to describe, and through that description unravel the mystery of its sublime glory. 

Sep 13, 2016

Cynthia reports (with some help from her cat Lucy) on recent adventures including exploration of an underwater cave in the devil’s pool, exorcism of doubts during a birthday ritual in Germantown, and restoration of faith in creativity inspired by the work of Maria Irene Fornes, in whose honor the song of the week is composed (in support of Michelle Memran’s Kickstarter campaign to finish her documentary about Fornes “The Rest I Make Up.”)

Sep 6, 2016

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This week we welcome Guest #6 Michael Kiley: composer, sound designer, and teacher of a vocal technique he calls personal resonance. The song of the week is a collaborative exploration of “head voice” improvised by Michael, Cynthia, and Jeff. Under discussion is the consideration of the comfort of performers and audience during the experience of live theater, and on display are spontaneous demonstrations of musical numbers (from musicals in which they performed way back when they performed in musicals) by all three participants in this “interview.” Also reported on is Cynthia & Jeff’s recent tour of the newly built Mormon Temple in Philadelphia (time is running out to take this free tour, by the way, unless you are a practicing Mormon in "good standing") whose Baptismal and Sealing Rooms, with their enormous emphasis on eternal life, prompt a revival of the “joke of the week.”